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Buteyko Breathing Center

Sound Based Buteyko (Breathing Exercise Package 2)

Do you feel tired after talking, speaking, chanting? Buteyko Breathing exercises will help you to change this.
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About This Buteyko Breathing Exercise Package

Does speaking make you feel drained? Do you sometimes feel tired even in anticipation of talking to colleagues, students, friends, or family? What about singing or chanting? These techniques are supposed to give us energy but similar to talking, they often steal our energy triggering cough, chest and throat tightness, headaches, and other ailments. Why does it happen?

Dr. Buteyko unearthed this mystery: he discovered that excessive breathing, especially through the mouth, leads to the loss of CO2 in the lungs, which is our vital energy. Struggling to maintain its homeostasis, the body activates various compensatory mechanisms, primarily breathing difficulties but also others. This is why teachers, actors, singers, politicians, and public speakers often suffer from asthma, COPD, fatigue, and even insomnia.

Here is good news: this problem can be corrected if people learn how to control their breathing when they speak. If you talk for a living this approach could be a lifesaver, because learning how to breathe correctly while talking eliminates a choice between 'keeping your job' and 'being healthy'. This is why many high-ranked politicians, including US presidents, have been trained to inhale moderately through the nose while giving important speeches.

So, start inhaling moderately and through your nose instead of your mouth while speaking, singing, or chanting! This sounds simple but only in theory; in reality, this is one of the most challenging Buteyko techniques that require the help of a Buteyko practitioner. Our unique service; The Sound-Based Buteyko Breathing Exercise Package will help you to learn how to breathe correctly while speaking. It will preserve your energy and make you feel better.

Be guided through various sound-based breathing exercises with a Buteyko Specialist! During each online session, your teacher will guide you through Buteyko exercises selected specifically for your condition and needs. This product is not a course to learn the Method; this package contains the instructional sessions that will allow you to experience the Buteyko Breathing exercises - one, but significant element of the Buteyko Method. This package can be purchased more than once allowing a student to perfect the familiar techniques or experience new ones.

If you would like to meet with your Buteyko instructor before purchasing this product, please register for a Preliminary Meeting online. This is not mandatory but recommended.

What you will learn: 

This package will help you to learn how to achieve the following while speaking/singing/chanting:

  • Inhaling solely through the nose
  • Avoiding excessive exhalation
  • Keeping your voice relax
  • Choosing the right voice volume
  • Preventing fatigue, breathing difficulties, and other issues
  • Increasing your CO2 concentration, oxygenation, and vitality

Who this is for: 

This package is for beginners, intermediate, or advanced Buteyko students. Everyone is welcome to enjoy practicing these Buteyko breathing exercises!

This includes: 

This package contains five one-on-one sessions, 40 minutes each (30 minutes is dedicated to doing breathing exercises) Sessions are offered online via Zoom and can be taken from anywhere in the world!
Each weekly session will be recorded for you. For best results, we recommend continuing to work on improving your breathing in between sessions by following the recording. 


There are no requirements other than the ability to access Zoom for your online sessions.

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