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Terms of Service

Thank You for registering for our program. Please read the disclaimer below.

Breathing Center Disclaimer

The mission of Breathing Center is to educate clients about the non-medical approach to breathing improvement based on the discovery and the life-long research of K. P. Buteyko MD-PhD and his team of doctors and scientists. 

I hereby understand, agree, and acknowledge by my signature below that the courses and consultations offered by Breathing Center are developed for informational purposes only, and in no way are to be used as a substitute for advice from my medical doctor. I also understand that I must not consider the educational material I will learn as a replacement for a treatment by my medical doctors.

I further understand the intent of this educational program is to teach you how to breathe better and have a healthier life style by following a series of exercises designed by Dr. Buteyko. Never hesitate to ask your personal physician on his/her advice concerning your involvement with the exercises. The supervision and consent of your doctor will assure safe and effective implementation of information presented by Breathing Center.

If any exercises or approaches learned through educational courses and consultations provided by Breathing Center create any discomfort or health concern, please cease them immediately and contact your doctor.

You should never stop taking your medications, decrease or increase its dosage without a consultation with your primary physician.

Should you choose to take courses and consultations offered by Breathing Center for educational and informational purposes only, you are personally taking responsibility for your health. Breathing Center assumes no responsibility.