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Buteyko Breathing Center

Buteyko Breathing Exercises And Method (MP3)

Download this FREE audio training on the Buteyko method to establish wholesome breathing patterns and improve health.
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About Buteyko Breathing Method And Exercises CD


This CD course contains information about K.P. Buteyko, MD-PhD, his legendary discovery and method, breathing and health evaluation as well as various breathing exercises for adults and children. It is recommended to anyone who wishes to improve their respiration and wellbeing.

In memory of Thomas Fredricksen, co-founder of the Breathing Center, clinical psychologist, and Advanced Buteyko Specialist, a download of this CD created by him is available without any charge. Listen to his teaching and learn how to breathe better!

Learn About Dr. Buteyko and His Breathing Method!

Contents of this CD: 

1. Introduction - 19 mins

2. Theory - 8 mins

3. Health Evaluation - 12 mins

4. Introducing the Exercises - 3 mins

5. Relaxation - 5 mins

6. Mouse - 6 mins

7. Sitting Excercise - 8 mins

8. Standing Excercise - 3 mins

9. Walking Excercise - 3 mins

10. Many short breath holds - 3 mins

11. Conclusion - 2 mins