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Buteyko Breathing Center

Sacred Breath - Buteyko Wellness Retreat in Colorado (June 2024)

Your Breath is your guide and health coach. Learn how to follow its guidance to improve your well-being.
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High-altitude Breathing Improvement Retreat 

Credit to Michelle Dixon for many of these great photographs


Are you ready to transform your breathing and unlock deeper levels of health and vitality? The Sacred Breath - Buteyko Breathing Wellness Retreat offers a unique and immersive experience designed to help you master the power of your breath and improve your overall well-being.

June 6, (arrival at 4 pm) - June 11 (departure at noon), 2024 (5 nights)

Who is the teacher? 

Sasha Yakovleva, an Advanced Buteyko Specialist and a founder of the Buteyko Breathing Center will lead this retreat.
Jesse Steinberg, an Advanced Buteyko Specialist and Doctor of Chiropractic. 

The retreat theme: 
Breath is your guide to better health and improved well-being. Learn to listen to your Breath and understand its language. This life companion is always available to assist you in making your health and life better.   

This retreat will take place in Vajra Vidya Retreat Center located in Crestone, CO (8,500 feet elevation).

In the Sangre De Cristo mountains, the first week of June is a time of purity, rejuvenation, and renewal when the snow on the peaks is melting, the streams are running full, and the desert begins thriving. More info about the location


What is the Buteyko Breathing Method?

The Buteyko Breathing Method, developed by K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD, is a scientifically backed approach to breathing retraining. It focuses on correcting chronic over-breathing (hyperventilation), a surprisingly common habit that can contribute to a wide range of health issues, including:

What to expect at the sacred Breath Retreat:   

Nestled in the serenity of the beautiful Colorado mountains, the Sacred Breath retreat provides a supportive and nurturing environment to:

  • Learn the Fundamentals: Expert Buteyko instructors will guide you through the core principles of the Buteyko Breathing Method, ensuring you develop a solid foundation in proper breathing techniques.

  • Practice and Perfect: Daily sessions dedicated to Buteyko exercises and practices will help you integrate the techniques and experience their benefits.

  • Community Connection: Share experiences, support, and connect with like-minded individuals committed to improving their health through Buteyko breathwork and lifestyle.

  • Additional Wellness Elements: The retreat will incorporate complementary practices like yoga, Pranayama, meditation, chanting, nature immersion, and healthy cuisine to amplify the benefits of the breathing work.

More information:
You will learn and deepen your understanding of how to apply the Buteyko Breathing method and Dr.Buteyko's unique approach. 
- Every element of this retreat is built around the Sacred Breath to boost your vitality and help ease and overcome various issues related to respiration, body, and mind. This retreat will help you move closer to achieving optimal levels of health and well-being. The retreat is designed to provide participants with healing, rest, and rejuvenation.
- The indoor sessions will take place in the magnificent temple/meditation room of the Tibetan Buddhist Center.
- The outdoor sessions will occur in pure nature, where you can enjoy beautiful mountain views, explore various trails and spend time by the lively streams. We will practice Nature Tempering, gently inviting the elements of Nature to become our allies. 
- If you know how to breathe correctly, the high-altitude rarefied mountain air will support you in practicing Dr. Buteyko's reduced breathing and accelerate your progress. In addition to using nasal breathing 24/7, participants will do various breathing exercises daily. 
- During this retreat, participants will experience profound stillness. We will spend some time in silence, creating a nourishing environment for better breathing and transformation.
- Participants will use traditional CO2 boosters (such as meditation, yoga, chanting, etc.) combined with Dr. Buteyko's scientific approach to breathing and learn how to turn the various traditional techniques into powerful health improvement tools, which generate measurable results.   
- Educational talks and Q&A sessions will help participants understand the basic aspects as well as the most profound and sacred aspects of the Buteyko Breathing method.
- Posture Development and Diafragm Relaxation sessions with Jesse Steinberg. Chiropractic adjustments with Dr. Jesse Steinberg (an additional charge) 

Who is this retreat for?
This retreat is for people who are familiar with the Buteyko Breathing Method and those who aspire to learn or master it. Beginners and practitioners of all levels are welcome. 

If you are unfamiliar with the method, please watch the Buteyko Breathing Step-by-Step video course before arriving at the retreat center.

Who Should Attend
The retreat is open to anyone seeking to:

  • Improve their breathing patterns 
  • Manage and improve various health conditions
  • Boost energy levels
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Enhance overall well-being
  • Use their spiritual path for health improvement

Outcomes of the Retreat:

Participants of Sacred Breath retreat often report significant improvements in:

  • Automatic breathing patterns and overall health
  • Reduced symptoms of asthma, anxiety, and other chronic conditions
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus
  • A deeper sense of calmness and inner peace
  • A better understanding of the power of breath and the knowledge of how to use it to continue improving their well-being. 

Accommodation options:

1. The total price of 1,500 includes:

Tuition, a private room, and three organic vegan/vegetarian meals daily.  Please keep in mind that only 15 rooms are available. To make sure that you have a room, register now!  

Deposit option:
To reserve your participation in this retreat, please make a nonrefundable deposit of $100. The remaining payment is due on May 1, 2024. 

Cancellation policy:

- If canceled before May 1, 2024, you will receive a full refund minus a $100 deposit.  
- If canceled after May 1, you will receive a 50% refund.  

2. Commuter option ($350) - meals are NOT included:
Participate in all retreat activities; arrange your room and board. This is an excellent option for local people.

3. Commuter option ($695) - meals are included: 
You are welcome to arrange your own accommodations in the area and join the retreat daily by commuting to the retreat center. You are responsible for making your own arrangements and arriving on time for all the events. All meals are included! 
You are welcome to book the Stupa Cottage if still available. 

4. Camping on retreat land ($795)
Experience the beauty of the high desert by choosing to camp on the retreat land. Whether you prefer tent camping or camping in a small van or car, this option is perfect for those who love nature and adventure. Please note that RVs are not allowed. You'll have access to all the retreat center facilities, and your meals will be included. 

5. Participation via Zoom ($150): 
You can participate in all indoor events remotely. We hope you take advantage of this option if you cannot attend this retreat in person. The remote participants will have an opportunity for Q&A. 

Please select your preferred option in the menu above on this page and make a payment. If you have any questions, email us. 

Options for transportation to and from the Retreat Center:

1. Travel by air and our van:

We suggest arriving in Alamosa, CO, on Thursday, June 6, 2024, and leaving on Tuesday, June 11, 2024, by taking  a flight to/from Alamosa, CO - Denver, CO: 
- We will have vehicles available to assist in transportation from/to Alamosa Airport ( San Luis Valley Regional Airport) to/from Vajra Vidya Retreat Center for the following flights on June 6 and June 11:
Denver (DEN) to Alamosa (ALS) - KEY LIME AIR - Thursday, Jun 6: 2:10 pm - 3:00 pm (0h 50m)
Alamosa (ALS) to Denver (DEN) - KEY LIME AIR - Tuesday, Jun 11: 3:30 pm - 4:25 pm (0h 55m)

Please make sure that you reserve the tickets in advance since the flights are small. The price for the tickets (round trip) is below $200. 
There is no charge for this transportation from and to Alamosa airport. 
Driving from the airport to the retreat takes about an hour. 

2. Make your own arrangements:

Travel by car.
Car rental is available in Denver, Colorado Springs, Salida, and Alamosa. 
The Retreat Center often offers transportation from Alamosa to the Center for an additional price. 

For all other options for transportation to Vajra Vidya Retreat Center, please see the following information on the Center's website:

Any questions: 
Send us an email:

We look forward to seeing you at this retreat!