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Buteyko Breathing Center

Befriending The Elements: Russian Tempering

Watch this video course to learn how to turn any challenging weather condition into your health improvement tool.
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About Russian Tempering Video Course


“Nature itself is the best physician.” – Hippocrates 

This video course contains Sasha's instructions on befriending cold and hot temperatures, humidity, sunshine, etc.

Most people believe that uncomfortable weather conditions are dangerous to health. They spend a great deal of time and money protecting themselves from cold and hot temperatures, humidity, snow, ice, wind, sunlight, natural bodies of water, dirt, and yet they continue to feel unwell. The natural elements can certainly be unsafe. However, if you allow them to be your allies, they can become powerful healers.

In the Soviet Union, medical doctors examined the natural elements and their impacts on physical, emotional, and mental health. They concluded that this medicine of nature was vital for people’s wellbeing and, if used skillfully, effectively prevented, improved, or cured various diseases. To avoid the potential risks of using these wild elements of nature, Russian doctors developed a method to tame them. They called it Zakalivanie, which translates as tempering or hardening.

K.P. Buteyko, MD-PhD, made an invaluable scientific contribution to the development of Tempering. He defined a measurable condition in which exposure to natural elements becomes detrimental to overall health; he also determined a way to overcome this setback. Dr. Buteyko actively used Russian Tempering in his own journey to better health and also taught it to his patients. By befriending the elements, his students were able to improve their respiration and overall health considerably.

Today, these well-seasoned Russian medical recommendations are indispensable for anyone who wishes to be healthy, strong, energetic, and joyful.

Sasha Yakovleva has been practicing and teaching Russian Tempering since 1987. That year, her newborn daughter developed a breast tumor. Her pediatricians insisted on urgent breast amputation, but Sasha searched for a natural solution. Working as a journalist in Moscow, she visited with experts of Russian Tempering and interviewed them. By erasing borders between humans and nature, these enthusiasts and their families, including children and elders, gained radiant health, impressive mental clarity, and never-ending joy. Sasha felt privileged to learn the method from these masters. Together with her daughter, she made tempering a part of her life. They enjoyed walking barefoot on snow, swimming in ice water, exposing their skin to the sun, and sweating in scorching saunas. As a result, her daughter’s tumor vanished; in addition, the child grew up free of any diseases, including even allergies and seasonal colds. Sasha also experienced numerous benefits of tempering and believed the method greatly strengthened her body, mind, and spirit. 

Most people’s comfort zone is extremely limited, and therefore experiencing any challenging weather condition becomes intolerable and hazardous for them. For example, breathing cold air can trigger cough and lead to pneumonia; humidity can result in wheezing or fatigue, hot temperatures can cause a headache; sunshine can lead to skin damage and even cancer. To avoid these harmful effects and make the same weather conditions conducive to health and longevity, one needs to expand his or her comfort zone.

Anyone, no matter how young or old, weak or strong, can learn how to expand their comfort zone and take delight in befriending the natural elements. If you do rubbing snow over your naked body, stepping barefoot into a puddle of hot mud, jumping into a mountain lake, or simply pouring cold water over your head will make every cell in your body vibrate with boundless energy and you will feel child-like excitement of living on Earth.

During this video course, Sasha will teach you how to turn the elements of nature into your partners in health.

As a part of this program, you will see some fragments of Sasha's live course with the Buteyko Breathing Center's students, important historical and modern footage of people practicing Tempering, including the Masters of this method,  as well as videos of Sasha and her daughter hardening themselves. You will also receive step-by-step instructions on how to use the elements of Nature to widen your comfort zone and boost your immunity. In addition, this video course includes a valuable PDF document to avoid mistakes and a checklist to keep track of your progress.

Learn how to become strong and healthy! Create joy in your life! 

A former asthmatic trained by Sasha enjoys snow

In this photo, Dr. Jesse Steinberg is making a snow angel while wearing only a swimsuit. In 2009, Jesse became Sasha’s student. At that time, he was suffering from severe asthma, terrible allergies, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, and anxiety and was barely able to go a day without taking medication. After practicing Russian Tempering as well as Buteyko Breathing, Jesse became well, strong, and energetic. He now enjoys the gifts of nature regardless of the season and also teaches people how to strengthen their breathing and health.