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Buteyko Breathing Center

Zoom Option for the Joyful Journey to Health Retreat

Participate remotely in this wellness retreat. Join our group via Zoom to do breathing exercises, receive teachings, and meet fascinating guests. Improve health through relaxation.
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Learn how to breathe healthier to reduce stress! Learn how to relax to stop experiencing stress.


You are invited to participate in the Joyful Journey to Health wellness retreat remotely via Zoom. You can do Buteyko Breathing exercises with the group, learn new techniques, receive teachings, apply the Buteyko method approach, and meet fascinating guests. Experience transformation through relaxation. If you feel stressed, this option is for you. 

The retreat events will be streamed live. The recordings will be available for one month. 

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Dates for 2024: February 25  - March 1 
The retreat begins on Sunday, 2/25, at 7.15 pm and ends on on Friday, 3/1, at 11 am